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When you give to Lokhem Kids, you’re investing in a future for every child under our program.

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Why Lokhem Kids?

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Reason 1:

As the next crop of emerging leaders, every child deserves to be empowered. But here’s the problem, over half of media content is international and adult content.

We offer high quality educative, entertaining content for children.

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Why Partner With Us?

Reason 2:

What makes Lokhem Kids Entertainment exceptional?

We offer Skills for the future packed to entertain, enlighten and influence children through exceptional media content.

Our alumni have gone on to become leaders in their high schools and are pursuing what they love.

However, we can’t do it without you!

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Reason 3:

Lokhem Kids has an alumni of over 350 children. We have reached over 3,000 children through our programs.

Partner with us to nurture the next crop of emerging leaders.

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Ways To Give

Get a copy at BTL Bookstore, 1st Flr Village Market opp Carrefour.

For delivery, Whatsapp/Call/Text:0733611560

From the informal settlements for our leadership training program.

Sponsor our projects. Make a donation to ensure children get access to high quality, educative, creative and fun films and animations.

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Giving To Lokhem Kids

Every contribution you give goes straight to our mission – empowering children to become better leaders through various forms of media and leadership training programs.

Giving to Lokhem Kids is one of the world’s best investments. Empowering children’s lives now. Fearlessly transforming the future we all share.

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