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We desire a society that nurtures children
and gives them access to great opportunities.


Lokhem Kids Entertainment

Empowering African children and youth through modern media,
making them successful and productive.

Empowering Children

By Investing In A Child, You are Investing In The Future. Your Future.

Lokhem Kids Entertainment makes children great and productive leaders by teaching them leadership skills and constitutional rights through the media.

We love Children

For African children aged 8-12 years who lack leadership training, we offer quarterly leadership training programs. Little Africans, Big Things Kids TV talk show. The Gamechanger Kids magazine.

in 2020, Lokhem Kids launched Watoto Court Comic Book, a story that follows young African superheroes who fight corruption through courtroom drama. They are also in the development phase of creating literature content for children with a focus on leadership, integrity and mentorship in a creative and entertaining manner.

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Our Projects

Watoto Court Comic Book

Watoto Court comic book is about Wangui and Namunyak, young African superheroes who fight corruption with the help of Judge Akinyi in a comical way through courtroom drama.

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Quality Leadership Training Programs

For children aged 8-12 years who lack leadership training, we offer a package of quarterly leadership training programs.

Lokhem Kids Round Table TV

A talk show whose main aim is to give African children a platform to air their opinions. The children give and discuss African and global current affairs and social issues which also helps build their interpersonal and leadership skills.


Our issue of the Gamechanger Kids magazine.

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